Top Dos and Don’ts When Traveling to Australia

Before you start packing your women handbags and booking your airline ticket, it necessary to know what are the dos and don’ts as a tourist. There are many things you are not supposed to do while in Australia, and if you don’t want your vacation to end in a bad note, make sure to follow these tips:

Top Dos and Don’ts When Traveling to Australia

Do focus on one particular region – Visiting all the popular tourist destinations in one trip may seem interesting and inviting but it is not advisable. Going coast-to-coast just to visit all the places you want to is not advisable because instead of you enjoying your trip you may just end up being exhausted and dead tired. Hence, it is recommended to focus on a particular region or coast.

Don’t forget to tip – If you received good quality service at the restaurant or hotel, be kind enough to give tip to the waiter or hotel service crew. It is an Australian custom to give tips if one receives good service. Not giving tip to an employee who worked hard to satisfy your needs is considered rude in Australia. It is handy to have changed in your women handbags so you can easily tip for the servers you encounter.

Do use standard British-English language– You may be very familiar with American slang terms and language, but don’t consider using them when talking to citizens as they may not understand you. The language being used in Hollywood movies and American TV series may not be totally understood by all Americans; hence, it is advisable to use standard American language to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Don’t smoke anywhere – There are several states in Australia that have very strict laws when it comes to smoking. In certain parts of the country, smoking in bars, clubs, restaurants, and malls is strictly prohibited. If you are smoking tourist who does not want to have some troubles with the law, only smoke in designated smoking areas.

Be courteous and respectful – Remember that you are a tourist and you should be respectful to others. If you don’t want your vacation to be spoiled and ruined, be courteous to people. Don’t forget to greet people you meet in the street with a smile. If you are greeted by the people you meet, be courteous enough to greet back and smile.

Don’t forget to rent a vehicle – If you want to maximize your vacation time, it is advisable to rent a vehicle. By renting a car, you can explore more places and attractions. You can use a car rental website to see the prices and offerings of leading car rental suppliers in Australia. Also, by renting a car, you can avoid the expensive fare of public transport like taxicabs.

Do obey the rules – The last thing you would want to happen in your vacation is to end up in prison. Familiarize yourself with the rules and laws so that you can avoid violating any of them. You should remember that American authorities are very particular when it comes to laws. If you rented a vehicle, make sure to follow all traffic laws in order to avoid any setbacks.

The secret to enjoying your Australia trip is to act as a responsible American. When in Australia, do what responsible Australians do.

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