Machine Learning: the Future Is Here

Have you ever noticed that modern smartphones now create stories in your devices by selecting the best photos in your camera roll? What magic is that? Enter Machine Learning, the magic behind almost everything in the recent days. The growing demand for artificial intelligence has what made machine learning widely deployed in almost every aspect of life.

Machine Learning: the Future Is Here

Though the machine learning technology is presently taking baby steps, it has presented the proof of its significance to customers across the globe. The technology has grown to such an extent where it has significant influence in this area as well.

Daily life examples of Machine Learning

When you call your network provider for some kind of assistance, you hear the Intelligent Voice Response asking you to select a language. Whenever you call the network provider again have you observed that the language that you chose before is automatically selected and you are not asked to select the language again.

Yes, that is machine learning taking care of your language preferences. It is one of the tiniest aspects of customer service but it is taken care of efficiently, and that is why machine learning is employed. The modern customers want the business to take care of their needs accurately and in a little possible time.

Machine Learning makes sure that the customers get the best of the service by making sure it remembers the customer’s preferences. Machine Learning companies in India are making sure that the country of 1.3 billion people is served with the best service making sure that everyone’s preferences are remembered.

Types of Machine Learning

Machine learning like every other technology is also divided into types based on its operation type. The machine learning technology is classified into two types: Supervised and Unsupervised.

Let us first talk about the supervised machine learning. Assuming that a person has started a touring company and he needs beautiful images to put into the touring details of various spots. Conventionally, the person would have to visit the place and take some pictures, or he would have to ask someone to take pictures for him for which he would pay.

With the deployment of machine learning, it becomes pretty much easier. The person has to label the hashtag data and instruct the program to find the particular hashtag and find a particular place’s image. In less than few seconds, there will be many images shown, and the business can select any one of those.

Unsupervised machine learning is when the program understands the patterns and algorithms and based on that provides the results of the query asked for. Google News is the best example of Machine Learning as the news is selected and posted category wise making it easier for the reader to read the news.

Machine Learning in telecom industry is going to be a breakthrough for the service of customers. Rather than waiting in queue to reach a customer executive, a customer can simply feed his query, and the machine will process it and provided the resolution.

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