Krakow Shuttle for Perfect Logistics and Holidays

Recommended by TripAdvisor, available anytime you need it and presenting the broadest holiday offers – the Krakow Shuttle is the best choice. The local company mainly focuses on transfers from Krakow airport to the city center but it also invites visitors to guided tours in the area and additional services like organizing business or private stopovers. Brought from the love of traveling for the adventure-lovers with care and trust.

Krakow Shuttle for Perfect Logistics and Holidays

Krakow transport – safety first

Needless to say, traveling with the Krakow Shuttle ensures the highest standards of safety and comfort for all clients. The professional drivers are qualified with the First-Aid and ready to cope with extreme health conditions that may occur. They are prepared for all traffic situations and the same is for the vehicle functioning. The cars ranging from the taxi cabs to multi-person coaches are constantly under control and undergo the periodic testing in authorized automotive points. For the comfort of the traveling, our drivers communicate in English and if the need arises other languages.

Fair charges, fair booking, and fair play

The booking is available on the website, by the booking calling line (24/7) or by e-mail contact. All the information sent to your e-mail or a mobile phone includes the assistance, individual pricing and driver and vehicle contact data, moreover in case of delays or schedule changes we ensure flexibility and conforming. Competitive prices of services guarantee low cost starting at 18.96 € per person which can be paid by cash with our driver or with a credit card.

Krakow airport transfers and voyages

Apart from logistics’ services the Krakow Shuttle offers a large selection of holiday tours in the area full of historical monuments. You can enjoy all-inclusive tours to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps, visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, check out the three Krakow museums or follow the John Paul II heritage map. Make yourself comfortable and experience the full package holidays with our door-to-door services.

Business options

For business clients and companies representatives, Krakow Shuttle services include matching accommodation from the assortment of hotels, planning the full stays with the variety of restaurants and conference or training facilities and a wide range of team building activities. Those are for example camping areas, off roads, quad rides or skiing attractions not to mention the indoor entertaining hangouts like karaoke or RPG games. Let us take care of your firm.

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