General Safety & Survival Tips While Exploring the Jungle

The best way of preventing any accidents is by preparing yourself adequately for your wilderness trip. You must properly equip yourself with sound knowledge of the forests and its surrounding areas, terrain, weather, your physical limitations, and a bit of common sense so that you could make sure that your wilderness trip is not only enjoyable but also safe. Here are a few tips from wilderness travel experts that should help you have a wonderful, hassle-free, and safe trip.

General Safety & Survival Tips While Exploring the Jungle

Always Go with a Partner

It is a good idea to explore the jungle with a companion. This is essential for making sure that you are not alone in the event of an emergency. When confronted with a mishap or emergency situation, you could manage safety issues far better if there is someone traveling with you.

If you have plans of exploring remote regions, it is best to travel in a group of at least, four individuals. This is to make sure that if one is injured, a member could stay back and take care of the victim while the other two could go looking for immediate help.

If you are planning to explore a completely unknown or unfamiliar area, it is best to travel with a partner who has adequate knowledge about the area and could guide you well. You must talk to the local people and identify those who could tell you about the place before you start exploring the wilds. If for some reason, an area has been cordoned off by the authorities, you must not go there at all.

You must know before you start the trip, the exact location of the telephone that is close by or check out the precise location of the ranger station to avert emergency situations. You must find out all these details even while booking a Tadoba accommodation well in advance of your planned trip to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra India.

Start Planning for the Wilderness Adventure

You obviously, should have someone to take care of you in the event of an emergency. If in case, you are traveling alone, you must consider leaving behind a few copies of your itinerary with a trusted and responsible person. You must provide him or her with all details including the license plate, make, and year of your car.

You must inform him about all the equipment you would be carrying, the expected weather details, and the date by when your trip should be done and the anticipated date by when you are planning to return back home.

Achieve Superlative Physical Fitness

You need to be in good health and great physical condition for hiking. However, you must consider setting a comfortable hiking pace. All group trips must be designed keeping in mind, the abilities of the weakest member present in a particular group. If you are having any health issues, you must consult with your doctor and get his approval before you go ahead with the plans of your trip to the jungle.

You need to ensure that you are well-equipped with the skills that are necessary for hiking or camping adventure. In this context, you must have adequate knowledge about reading a compass, erecting a temporary shelter, or even giving first aid.

You must learn and practice these wilderness survival tips well ahead of the time so that you are ready for the jungle adventure when it is time to depart for the trip. Remember the trip is going to be exciting but pretty strenuous. You must, first of all, achieve physical fitness before venturing out.

Learn Weather Facts

You need to be aware of the current weather conditions and forecasted weather conditions. In the wilderness, the weather could change dramatically. You must understand the signs of storms and other changing weather conditions. You need to steer clear of exposed places, bare ridge tops, streams, lone trees, and even rocks while there is a lightning storm going on. You need to rush and take refuge in a thickly forested region at a relatively lower elevation.

Mixed Bag

  •  Acquire basic first aid knowledge. Learn to identify and effectively treat illnesses and injuries.
  • Construct a camp well before darkness falls. You may encounter falls and accidents in the dark. It is best to travel during the daylight.
  • Examine all your equipment and make sure that they are in perfect condition.


If you keep all the above-discussed general safety tips in mind, your wilderness trip to the Tadoba National Park is bound to be a great hit. You must inspect all your equipment before the trip. You must carry along emergency signaling devices for your safety.

Be very careful while drinking water as it may be containing harmful microorganisms and water-borne parasites that may culminate in serious illnesses. Avoid dehydration at all costs. Stay hydrated at all times. Collect water and get it purified. Go with a positive mindset and attitude.

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