Dressing Up Your Newborn Baby

Becoming a parent is an overwhelming experience. It might be tough to know how to handle things. Babies seem so delicate and fragile, and no parent wants to hurt the baby child. Here are some tips on what to think about when dressing your newborn.

Dressing Up Your Newborn Baby
Many questions arise when the first newborn enters the home. How many clothes, how to dress, how to wash and how to know what clothes are good for the baby are just some of the questions asked by many new parents around the world. A newborn child is fragile, but not made of glass. Holding the baby should always be done firmly and gentle and the head needs to be supported.

How much clothes

Dressing a newborn is much the same as dressing yourself. As the baby body is more sensitive to the heat and to cold, an extra layer of clothes is necessary. That is also true for the baby head and feet. A lot of heat vanishes if the baby´s head is uncovered. Keep a hat or cap on. Use socks to protect the tiny feet and to keep them warm.

Protect from sun

A newborn is sensitive to heat and to the sunlight. The delicate skin burns easily, so keep the baby in the shades. Long-sleeved clothing protects the sun from burning, but keep in mind that the heat might become too much for the little one so dress the baby moderately.

Putting them on

Unfortunately, many babies feel uncomfortable when getting dressed. Try to keep the dressing simple and quick, and don´t hesitate and fuzz around. Keep the child laid down when dressed and remember: the baby is not made of glass, so don´t be afraid of putting the clothes on, but keep in mind that cold hands might feel uncomfortable.

Always support the little one´s head, and joddle with him or her to make the experience as nice as possible. A baby can´t adjust the clothes by him- or herself. Be sure to check that the clothes fit and that they sit alright.

Over the head

Most babies don´t like to have clothes pulled over the head. A good idea might be to choose as many clothes as possible with openings in the back. When necessary to pull the shirts over the head, make sure to bunch the clothing first, and use a firm but soft grip.

The arms and legs

A baby can´t even help the dresser by putting the arms or legs through the sleeves and legs of the pants to start with. Guide the arms and legs gently through the clothes.

Always wash

Wash all clothes, blankets, and linen before using them, even if they are brand new. Wash the clothes often, and keep them clean and tidy. In order not to irritate the baby´s skin a mild detergent is the best alternative. Look for the non-allergic labels on the packages. The clothes also need to be double rinsed.

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