Best Children’s Books to Give as Gifts

Most children wouldn’t just pick up a book and read, but those that do are immediately rewarded with some of the best experiences of their young lives. Books are not only entertaining but can also be very educational. So, they can make perfect gifts for young minds. Reading is one of the best hobbies children can pick up at an early age and is one of those things that they’ll love doing for the rest of their lives.

Best Children’s Books to Give as Gifts

Harry Potter Series

The most famous children’s books are popular for a reason. They’re sure to take the child through a magical adventure. One that the child will share with the series’ main characters and which will keep them awake for a long time until they finish them up.

The Jungle Book

Children who love the idea of being left free to their own choices will definitely love this book. It’s a story about a child growing up in the jungles of India, where it’s surrounded by animal friends with who he goes on adventures with. It’s a classic that has been enjoyed by children, as well as adults, from adults all around the world for a very long time.

Captain Underpants

A book that feels like a child’s dream come true is one of the best children’s books out there. A superhero story about for a when a pair of schoolboys make their own comic book hero come to life and about all of the shenanigans the three of them are up to. The Captain Underpants Box Set – 10 Books is readily available on The Works, and it’s definitely something the children will enjoy a lot.

Anything by Dr. Seuss

There’s something about the way they’re written that immediately appeals to children everywhere but the stories themselves are always of high quality and very entertaining. There’s a certain air of magic about the books of Dr. Seuss and no child in the world can’t enjoy them.

Going so far as to create his own words that while on the surface don’t have specific meaning in the English language, leave a special magical touch that will have the children remembering Dahl’s words for a long time to come.

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