Baby Sleepwear fashion

It might seem to be an easy task to buy sleepwear for a baby. There are plenty of sleepwear solutions for the baby child. No wonder. The sleepwear is one of the most important sets of clothing needed for the newborn.

Baby Sleepwear fashion tips
Sleepwear comes in many forms and shapes and is a very important part of the newborn´s wardrobe. The clothes selected will be a vital part of how well the baby will sleep. It is important to find and buy sleepwear that is comfortable to put on and to sleep in, as well as sleepwear that doesn´t overheat the body.

Get off and on

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to pajamas for a newborn. Consider buying practical sleepwear, easy to put on and equally easy to get off again. This will make life easier both for the child and the parents. Zippers should be avoided though, as they might scratch the delicate body. Velcro or buttons on the back are the best choices.


There is also a need to buy enough of the sleepwear, as the clothes for a baby needs to be washed continuously. A good thing is, that a baby will not care for fashion. They will just care for the feeling and the way it is put on. For the parent, it is most important to choose sleepwear that can be machine washed.


Natural fabrics are better to the skin than synthetic fabrics. The natural fabrics is also usually a better choice when it comes to the question of heating. A baby is easily overheated, and need clothes that breathe. Wool or bamboo are becoming more and more popular, as many parents come to terms with the fact that fleece can cause problems in different ways.


For the newborn, a one-piece pajama is a good choice. The small children have little or no patience for the dressing part, and a one-piece will stay in place much better than a two-piece ever will.


The mobility is very important as well, not only for the child. A child that finds the mobility reduced will probably wake up and start crying and that, of course, affects the parents as well.

Covering hands and feet

Most sleepwear for really small children covers the small feet. This is a nice thing as it holds the feet warm all night, even if the blanket is kicked off. Some sleepwear offers hand covers. This might be useful as small children´s fingernails tend to be very sharp. They can easily scratch the skin during sleep. If not applicable in the stores you visit buying clothes, gloves might be an option.

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