Baby Clothes Checklist

So there are plenty of clothes to choose from. But what does a baby child really need? In order to get by, the closet should be filled with:

Baby Clothes Checklist

One-piece outfits

Bodysuits in one single piece is an essential part of every baby´s wardrobe. They are easy to put on and stay put on the baby´s body. Avoid zippers at any time. A normal child needs between four and seven one-pieces.


A baby also needs a pajama. It is also useful for wearable blankets, such as a sleep sack or a full bag. The pajama keeps the baby warm at night. A normal child needs about four to seven pajamas and a couple of sleep sacks.

Cotton shirts

Soft shirts with snaps at the back are another essential part of any baby´s wardrobe. The best ones are also snapped under the crotch, in order to stay in place.

Outer garments

Fleece-wear and snowsuits are of need if the weather is cold. One-piece fleece suits are soft on the skin and a perfect garment for the baby. Try to find a hooded piece, and the baby´s neck and head are also protected.


A baby´s head is very sensitive to heat and cold. A one-piece fleece suit is often enough to keep the cold out if the temperature isn´t too low. Otherwise, a snowsuit does half the work for you. A softer cap under the snowsuit is good to have, to make sure the baby is all right. During summertime, the cap protects the head from overheating and the sun.

Socks or shoes

Socks are good, as far at it comes to softness and heating the feet. But they don’t protect the feet if the child is starting to get active and they easily slip of the tiny feet. The shoes can protect baby´s feet from getting cold, as well as from hazards on the ground. So if the child is getting active, there is use for shoes. Lace shoes are harder to put on but stay on the feet.

Burp Cloths

You need at least ten of them, as eating otherwise get very messy.
Don´t forget: As the weeks pass by, parents quickly realize that the child grows out of their clothes, almost sooner than the parents´ buy them.

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