6 Types of Shoes Every Fashionista Should Own

They say good shoes take you places and of course, shoes bring the best out of your personality. We tend to judge a person by the shoe they wear and to make an impression one must always have the best of them. However, you see every other woman wearing the ‘new-in-store’ sleek shoes and sulk because you can’t live by Carrie Bradshaw’s rules. Budget, money saving and responsibilities don’t let you jump on recent trends.

6 Types of Shoes Every Fashionista Should Own

To make it easier on your wardrobe, we’ve listed the top 5 shoe styles that every woman must have in the closet in your budget.

The Classic Pumps

Pumps are the necessary amenity after the three requirements for sustainable living. Pumps are discreet for day-to-day wear while never compromising sophistication. Pumps tone the legs so beautifully giving the sheer feminine look every woman craves. Imagine a day, you are all dressed up and your favorite shoe breaks into two, that’s when the classic black pumps help. They go well with any outfit. Along with them, Neutral Pumps are equally classic as they give you the mirage of long legs and blend perfectly with your skin to provide the gear with a chic finish.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are like a friend in need; they are a no-fuss solution and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Ballet flats retain the lady-like look yet are casual. They can be mixed well with pleated skirts, dresses or even shorts. Also, women have a slight affection towards the little ballerinas, and I am pretty sure many have a vast collection of the prettiest ones because endless choices with style are the most fun part of Ballet flats.

Ballet flats also come with the peep toe shoes which are a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive ones. They show off no less than the Peep Toe Heels. If your budget is still falling out of place, look for a sale.

Riding Boots

I know a pair of Uggs is more comfortable and easy to buy on the budget, but riding boots are far beyond perfection. When topped with a white tee, leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans, Riding Boots look so chic and sexy! You can also save more to buy the best, just go to www.dealvoucherz.com and scratch a discount coupon for yourself. These boots are out there in a lovely black color, but my personal favorite is chestnut brown.

The rugged cow-girlish feeling it gives, top notch! Plus they are crucial for the colder months. Previously, riding boots looked so annoying and straightforward (yeah, kids called them the construction site boots) but the updates that make me want to buy all of them. If these shoes are not the ones every woman must have, I don’t know which one then!


Sneakers are the go-to-college regular swag shoes that every teenager must have in the wardrobe. The canvas sneakers blend well with jeans and t-shirts giving you a comfy yet chic look. A day when you’ve got your hands full and are running late, slip-on sneakers, they work wonders. Try a pair of Keds or Converse when you want to keep it casual yet make an appearance! The trendy metallic sneakers are statement sneaker shoes creating a vibe in the fashion world.


The best pair of shoes to show off your feet on a sunny day at the beach- the sassy flip-flops but when you are out on a sudden date, a pair of sandals look better. Slip-on sandals are so effortless and stylish; they are the latest trend from the ’90s. Sandals are so versatile yet so simple they give you the sporty chic feel! Thong sandals are the best on a lazy day with shorts and long tees! There is plentiful of choices in the fashion market, and a lot of sale surrounds the sandals and flip-flops. You can grab any you like at the cheapest rate and have your wardrobe filled with these essentials.

Statement pair

Lastly, the most critical shoe listing the must-haves of a shoe wardrobe is a pair of statement shoes. These are the ‘happy shoes’ that give you a bold look to your otherwise dull outfit. Statement pair keeps you comfortable yet gives you the appearance much needed. It can be any pair that lifts your spirit up and turns the table! Whether a pair of wedges or the intricate gladiators for long, slim legs, animal print heels or just a neon polish platform; your statement pair should bring the best out of you!

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